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5 Reasons to get fruit delivered to your office

5 Reasons to get fruit delivered to your office

Fruits have a lot more benefits for your staff beyond the typical 'they're good for you!' Studies suggest that employee well-being is closely linked with their health and productivity at work, where if they have good physical, mental and emotional health, they are more likely to deliver optimal performance in the workplace than those who are not. It’s no wonder that employers are looking to help boost their employee well-being. In fact, a study by the CIPD (which has the backing of over 800 HR professionals), suggests that ‘health and wellbeing should be integral to an organisation’s business goals and day-to-day operations.’ In correspondence to this, employers are actively seeking solutions to make sure that their employees are well looked after, with the same studying saying that ‘70% HR respondents agree that employee wellbeing is on senior leaders’ agendas’.

Fruits, being something cheap and simple, can have a greater affect than imagined for the health of an employee, as well as the outlook of your company. Below are five of these reasons.


Passively Encourages Employees to eat Healthy

If an employee wants something quick to chow down on, themd driving/walking to a nearby store may not be the most convenient thing for them, or you. This:

  • Increases time an employee is away from their desk, since they might need to walk/drive to a store
  • Could result in the Employee buying foods that aren’t as healthy for them, such as snacks or instant-meals
  • Increase Carbon Emissions, if the employee has to drive to stores.

It’s no surprise that if offices offer food for their employees, may it be fruit or snacks, employees will naturally eat them. Changing the available foods to healthier alternatives will naturally encourage employees to eat these foods; resulting in a healthier diet. Ontop of this, they don’t need to leave their office for food, since they’re staying at their desk, working for longer. This also reduces Carbon Emissions, if that employee was going to drive; keeping our planet green for longer.


Sustain energy throughout the day.

Often employees will turn to Coffees and Teas’ high caffeine content to keep them energised throughout the day. Caffeine is a stimulant, which just means that it raises the level of nervous activity in your body. If someone were to have a healthy amount of it, then it can make them feel refreshed and focused. Caffeine is absorbed very quickly. It works by blocking receptors in your body that tell your brain ‘Hey you! I need sleep!,’ meaning you don’t actually realise you need sleep. Now this is the difference between Coffee and some fruits. Take an Apple for example, it’s high in carbohydrates, which gets broken down into a sugar called ‘glucose.’ Most people’s diet means that they get most of their energy from these carbohydrates. Depending on the food you have, those carbohydrates can be broken down, or ‘digested’, differently. For example, White breads and candys will break down fast, which means you get a sugar rush, and then quickly crash. Apples, however, contain a natural sugar, that takes longer to digest, keeping you energised for longer. It’s healthy and eliminates the chance of that dreadful energy-crash you might get from Coffees or unhealthy snacks.


Fruits are healthier. That’s it. That’s the whole section.

Okay okay fine I’ll explain it a little bit more.

The wide range of fruit readily available have a diverse range of nutrients; all helping in different ways. Below you’ll find a list of some vitamins and minerals and their effects on the body:

  • Vitamin A: - Boosts Immune System, keeps skin healthy
  • Vitamin C – Protects cells, keeping them healthy, maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bone and cartilage, whilst also promoting wound healing.
  • Vitamin D – Helps regulate the amount of Calcium and Phospate in your body; which are needed to keep your bones, teeth and muscles healthy.
  • Vitamin E – Mantains healthy skins and eyes, whilst boosting your immune system.
  • Vitamin K – Makes the blood clot properly, helping wounds heal.
  • And some Minerals you might find in fruits:
  • Calcium – Building bones, keeping teeth healthy, regulating muscle contractions, ensures normal blood clotting.
  • Iodine – Keeps cells and your metabolic rate healthy
  • Iron – Making red bloodcells.

There’s a lot more available, but if I were to explain them all; I’d be here all day!


Simply put; they look good, and make you look good.

Fruits come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and a beautiful variety of colours. Simply put, they look great in the office. They add some vibrancy and character to your office, remaining subtle whilst still making a statement.

It doesn’t just look good, it makes your company looks good! The perceptions that people have when they see fruits will instantly be positive, since they will know that:

  1. Your Company’s employees are healthy, meaning they will be better at their jobs.
  2. Your Company cares about its employee’s well being.


Cost Effective, and added convenince

Whilst readily available fruits/vegetables aren’t a replacement for some employee benefits, it can provide a good substitute for something like a a gym membership. Providing Fruits is a relatively low cost solution, and seasonal fruit boxes/baskets can be delivered right to your office.  And since it’s being deleviered, company time is saved. No one will have to go out to the shop, which alone just costs working hours. Ontop of this, having a specialised company (such as ourselves) do it for you, can garauantee only the best quality of fruit being delivered. Your employees won’t need to be stumped about what to get, and how to lug it back to the office.



And there you have it! Those are 5 great reasons how fruit being delivered to your office can help your employee! It helps keep them healthy, reuces time away from working, and keeps them energised.

We're a company that have specialised in this particular service for almost 100 years. Armed with knowledge and experience on procuring and packing the best fruits, we can ensure that your stocks are loaded with delicious goodies!

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