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Discover 10 Delicious Types of Pears - A Guide to Varieties

Discover 10 Delicious Types of Pears - A Guide to Varieties

Asian Pear

This fruit looks more like an apple than a pear due to is distinctly round shape. Its sweet, fresh tastes make it quite versatile lending it to salads as well as being eaten alone.


Bosc Pear

The golden brown hue of these pears skin makes them stand out from the crowd. They have a smoky sweet flavour and a firm texture making them ideal for cooking as they retain their shape.


Comice Pears

This is one of the most popular pears from the pear family. The comice pear is extra sweet and juicy


Conference Pears

Another popular UK pear, the conference pear is long with a green/brown skin. They have a sweet juicy flavour and when ripe turn soft and grainy.


Limonera Pears

This is a refreshing juicy pear with a bright white flesh and green/yellow skin.


Packham Pears

Packham Pears are short and squat with bumpy skin and a long stalk. They have a creamy texture and a sweet juicy flavour.


Red Blush Pears

The pretty pears are speckled with red dots on a green/yellow base and have a firm crisp texture.


Red Anjou Pears

This maroon red pear has an egg like shape and is extremely sweet, yet firm. Goes quite will in savoury dishes


Red Bartlette pear

The red pear has delicate, sweet, floral flavours


Williams Pears

A Williams Pears is sweet, juicy and has that distinctive pear drop flavour. As they get ripe they take on a yellowish colour

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