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What Do Fruit Delivery Companies Actually Do?

What Do Fruit Delivery Companies Actually Do?

Hidden in plain sight.

You might not pay much attention to a basket of fruit in an office, but it’s more common than you think. It’s one of those things you don’t pay much attention to until it’s pointed out. It’s a small added extras in an office that may go under the radar; but it makes a mark. Fruits have lots of benefits in the office, from boosting productivity to providing all kinds of health benefits via their abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals. The fact that they also look pretty and bring a more professional look to the office is a nice bonus too.

However, it can be a little bit of a chore to do. If an office were to do this themselves, then they’d have to:

  • Check the fruit to see if it’s rotten or not
  • Figure out which fruit tastes nice or not (sure they might be ripe, but are they good?)
  • Know which fruit is good to get and appropriate for the office
  • Understand how much fruit to get for their staff
  • Present the fruit nicely, especially if clients/superiors may be around the office.

It’s a handful of things to do, especially if you’re expected to do this frequently on top of your regular duties.

That’s where Fruit For The Office comes in.


How can Fruit For The Office Help?

We do pretty much what’s said on the tin. Or the box… or the basket?...

We provide Fruits For Offices with our delivery range stretching to all corners of London. You see all those painstaking tasks that were pointed out earlier? We do them for you instead, and we do it with boxes of pride and baskets of experience.

  • Our procurement team has over 70 years of experience in the fruit industry. So when it comes down to buying the tastiest and freshest fruit, we really know what to look for.
  • If that wasn’t enough, all of our packers are trained to examine each fruit that’s packed into your seasonal fruit boxes and baskets, to ensure that only the highest quality of fruit is put into order.
  • Years of experience in the business gives us good insight as to what staff would typically like, from taste and texture, to what’s convenient or not for the office.
  • From working with customers and clients since we first were established, we’ve found an accurate way to measure how much fruit would be appropriate for your staff team.
  • Our customer service team and transport work closely with each other and yourselves so that we can proudly offer high-class next-working-day delivery.
  • Understanding that every office is unique allows us to change deliveries, allowing us to accommodate for several different scenarios.


All of these individual components being rolled into one, creates our company, a high class service, end to end.

If you’d like to get start with deliveries, you can check out our popular fruit boxes and baskets.


Otherwise, you can get in contact with our experienced team now!

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