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Fruit For The Office and Recycling

Fruit For The Office and Recycling


The evolution of mankind and our civilization jettisoned us into an era the world has never seen before. We discovered and invented great new things and made our mark on the Earth. Though a lot of this is useful, it does not come without cost. We leave behind waste which, if left unattended, can pile up. From making our homes and streets smelly to harboring bacteria and pests, waste can have detrimental effects on our environment and us.

Landfills were introduced - areas of land we sacrifice for the good of the remaining land. Waste is dumped here until it piles up and we have to create new spaces. As we expanded, we needed more landfills, and we knew it wasn’t something we can always rely on.

So, we pulled out the torches and pitchforks. Literally. We forked our waste into fires in great big machines called incinerators (or destructors, when they first came about). This turned the waste into ash, to float away in the wind to never be seen again - so we thought. People quickly realized that this was not ideal. The ash from the incinerator would waft in great big clouds over local neighborhoods; contaminated water supplies and damaging our respiratory system.


Enter - Recycling

Recycling is the process of converting waste into new and usable materials and objects. This allows us to save materials since we no longer need to create as many new ones, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses we produce.


Greenhouse Gasses

The term ‘Greenhouse Gasses’ is the term we use to describe all of the gasses that warm up our Earth. Think of this as a blanket that covers the Earth, keeping it nice and warm. If we didn’t have them, then the Earth would be significantly cooler (about -20Co). We need these Greenhouse Gasses to help stabilize the temperature on Earth. 

For more than 800,0000 years (for context, the first humans walked the Earth about 300,000 years ago), the concentration of Greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere was somewhere between 200 and 280 parts per million. Ie, for every million molecules of air, 200-280 of them were greenhouse gasses. In the last 100 years, this number has doubled to about 400 parts per million. This of course was due to us.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve been consistently pouring out tonnes of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, thickening this blanket and ultimately warming up the Earth. Although this is happenings slowly and we may not notice the dear effects it may have in our lifetimes, it will certainly change the Earth for generations to come.


What we do

Here at Fruit For the Office, we can proudly say that wherever we can recycle, we do recycle. All of our waste is handled appropriately and we minimize our waste. In fact, we take our waste-management so seriously that we have on-site recycling facilities.

If we receive our packaging back, we take it through certain checks to make sure they pass our high-quality standards. If they do,we re-use them, ready to send to another satisfied customer! Anything left that is recycled, will be recycled. Thankfully most of our goods are recyclable, from the beautiful paper we blanket our products with, to the card that we softly cushion our fruits in.

We at Fruit For the Office pride ourselves on the high-quality Fruit and Vegetables that we procure and distribute, but some things are unavoidable. Products (although rarely) can get returned to us. Anything that is biodegradable is composted, ready to return to the Earth once more.


Why we do it

At Fruit for the office, the belief that we must preserve what we can echoes through us. We are grateful to be on this Earth, and we believe that we should treat it with as much respect as we can. We clean up after ourselves in as many ways as we can, and we constantly look for better, more efficient ways to minimize our carbon footprint.


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