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What Fruit Should You Order For Your Office?

What Fruit Should You Order For Your Office?

How to pick your fruit

You’ve explored the benefits that eating fruit can provide for you, and you’ve also learned how you can entice your staff to eat fruit. There’s only one step left – Picking your fruit. This process can be a little bit daunting since there’s so many options available, but fear not, Fruit for the Office has you covered.


Ripeness & Quality

Fruits come in many forms, from shape to size, to ripeness. Generally, you want to pick ripe fruit, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to. Just because the fruit is not ripe yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. For example, some people prefer the taste of green bananas over the sweeter yellow ones.

When buying fruit, you want to make sure it’s not mouldy. This can be mostly easy to tell, but sometimes you can get bad quality fruit that you can’t quite tell from first glance. Here at Fruit for the Office, we make sure that every individual fruit is checked, and our expert packers perform rigorous checks to ensure that the amount of bad fruit is minimised.



Most likely you have staff that are quite busy with their workday – they might rely on fruit for a quick little top up. This is a reason to

 pick fruit that you can just grab and go with, suchas Apples,Pears, and stone-fruit. They don’t need any kind ofpreparation; you just grab one and eat.

Exceptions to this can be the fan favourites: bananas and easy peelers.Whilst they need to be peeled, they usually don’t take much effort to reach the delicious goods inside.

Other options are your standard berries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and grapes! Well, grapes aren’t a berry, well they are, and strawberries aren’t… oh it’s all a little bit confusing!

The fruits in this category that are quite small, and one typically eats multiple of them in each sitting. They’re usually quite easy to eat and make a prime snack to eat as you work.


How much fruit and how often do you want a delivery?

These are two big questions to ask yourself, and it can be a little bit hard to conceptualise the amount of fruit you need. The best way to figuring this out is by understanding how big your office is. If you’ve got a small team, then one box could last you an entire week. However, if you’ve quite a large staff force, then you might need multiple boxes in your delivery, or even multiple deliveries a week!

In theory if you’re using fruits as a snack, most employees will have one to two fruits a day at work. We use this as a measure for our popular seasonal fruit boxes, The idea behind it is that each employee gets one piece of fruit, for five days. The box serves 10 employees and contains 50 pieces of fruit.


Baskets or Boxes?

This is a small step that can go a long way. On top of our standard Fruit Box, we also have a seasonal fruit basket, which have their own traits. Both fit the same amount of fruit.


  • Pretty: The baskets look a lot more appealing in the office.
  • Must be Returned: These baskets must be collected, where we’ll replace it with every delivery.


  • Recyclable: Can dispose of it yourself, or have it collected
  • Good for if you have your own house-basket or bowl, which you then place the fruit into.


Delivery Date

The final step is picking the delivery date. Typical choices are Monday and Wednesday – the start of the week and the middle of the week. Mondays also have a psychological benefit to them, since it is the start of a new week. When someone wants to make a change to their lifestyle, they tend to do this at the start of something. The biggest example would be the new years day – there’s a reason why New Years resolutions are so popular! May it be the start of a new Year, Month or a week – people are inclined to make changes at the start of something, and the start of the week is no different. Furthermore, the standard fruit package that we supply works off the basis of 5 days of fruit, which naturally makes sense on the Monday.


And that’s it folk!

Now you’re armed with why it’s good to get fruit for the office, how to encourage your staff to eat the fruit, and finally how to pick the best fruit, you’re ready to get out there and order your fruits!

If you ever need more advice with fruits, just get in contact with us, and our knowledgeable team are more than happy to help!


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