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NEMI Tea The London Based Organic Tea Company

NEMI Tea The London Based Organic Tea Company


Our Mission

At Fruit For The Office, we care about the way we do things. We do our best to stock convenient products that everyone needs, whilst also introducing environmentally responsible products and practices. That's exactly why we're excited to announce our new product like, that focuses on Premium and Organic Tea - NEMI Teas!

You can learn about our sustainability practices in our blog post: Fruit For The Office and Recycling


Introducing NEMI Teas

NEMI Teas is a London-Based, Premium and Organic Tea company. Offering a variety of flavours, they believe that a good tasting teabag comes from good business – That is to say, responsible business.

Their wide range of products can come in different styles, from Pyramid Teabags to Loose-leaf and Chai Syrup,  NEMI Teas has grown from a brewing Chai at local food markets, to a national, award-winning social enterprise – with responsible practices at the forefront of what they do.


The Product

NEMI Teas provides a wide range of products, promising a high quality tea. There are some key features about the product that you can notice, which reinforces this.

  • Inside the teabags you don’t see just powdered tea, but the tealeaves themselves. Tealeaves produce a superior quality tea, providing a strong and more enjoyable flavour.
  • The Pyramid Teabag shape allows for the tealeaves to properly unfurl and also gives the leaves enough room to infuse during the steeping process.


How is NEMI Teas Responsible Environmentally

Environmental Responsibilities are important when it comes to NEMI Teas. They have ensured that their product takes its due care where possible, from the start of their tea-farming, to the very bag that ends up in your teacup.


Organic farming

All NEMI Teas revolve around Organic Living. It’s a system of farming and production that ensures organic methods are used. This can include avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, genetically modified crops and only ensuring natural fertilisers are used (such as manure or bonemeal). This preserves the natural environment that crops and wild animals rely on, whilst also dropping the level of Greenhouse Gas Emissions produced from creating these manufactured chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic Premium Tea Bags in glass jar


Biodegradable Teabags

NEMI’s pyramid Teabags are completely biodegradable, being made out of a Polylactic Acid mesh filter, which is from Sugarcane. The sugarcaneis also completely non-GMO.

From the teabag itself, to the string and label that conjoin to make the product, no glue is used – instead an ultrasonic method is incorporated without the use of heat.


Plastic Free Packaging

NEMI Tea incorporates a material called NatureFlexTM. It’s created heavily from renewable resources and cellulose, an organically plentiful material. This has been proven to be suitable for home composting, not to mention it’s marine-degradable, which means it’s a step in the right direction to saving our oceans!



NEMI Tea doesn’t just stop at the environment, it extends its responsibilities to people too. It believes that refugees and/or economic migrants should get the same chance as all citizens, in order to secure a stable and decent quality of life. What started as offering work experience to Refugees to brew Chai at local food markets, quickly evolved into a social enterprise that provides training and employment to refugees.

They provide employment to refugees, allowing them the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience and job readiness skills to have them integrated into UK’s broader society.


We're excited to be stocking NEMI Teas! Being able to taste it's high quality favour in every cup, of tea whilst knowing that the tea is giving back to the environment and the people involved in its creation, makes every sip that much fuller. You can browse our NEMI Tea's stock range and their beautiful glass jars here. If you would like more information on this product or our company, please don't hesitate to contact our support team!



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