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The Benefits of Lemons

The Benefits of Lemons

Water is important to stay hydrated. It properly regulates body temperature, helps transport nutrients and oxygen to cells and around the body, helps protect our organs, whilst also helping us think clearly. Sometimes however, it’s hard to drink enough water. Sometimes it doesn’t taste of anything and other times it does, which can be good or bad. Whilst Lemons can’t be eaten as is (well they can, but it’s difficult), they can be used to help boost the flavour of your water (and other foods if you’d like), whilst providing several health benefits.


Benefits of Lemons

They Make Water Taste Better

Since water can taste “plain,” some may be discouraged, or at the very least unmotivated, to drink it. Adding Lemon or Lemon Juice will give the drink a lovely tart taste, or sour if you choose to squeeze more into it. This might motivate you to drink more water, whilst also adding the health-benefits of Lemons to it.

Contains lots of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is prominent in Lemons. One squeezed lemon contains about 21% of an Adult’s Daily Vitamin C Intake. Vitamin C provides the following benefits:

  • It’s an antioxidant, which stops cells from being damaged, keeping them healthy
  • It maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage.
  • It promotes the healing of wounds.


Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidneys Stones are made up of minerals an salts that crystalize in urine, and they can be very painful. A big cause of their formation is a lack of water. We’ve already discussed how Lemons can help against this. However, newer studies suggest that Citric Acid (which is abundant in Lemons) can prevent kidney stones.


Fights Anaemia

Anaemia is a condition where there is a lack of Iron in your body, causing a reduction in red blood cells. This can in turn lead to Anaemic. Although this falls under the benefits of Vitamin C, it’s quite an important factor. Vitamin C boosts the absorption of Iron, making it easier to produce those cells.


Rich in Flavonoids

Flavonoid is a naturally occurring compound that contains antioxidants. It generally boosts your health and fights indigestion too.


And that's about it! Lemons do have trace amounts of other nutrients in Lemons, though not enough to have a notice on your health, though every little helps!


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