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All Things Yoghurts

All Things Yoghurts

Delicious and nutritious, yoghurts are the perfect snack for any time of the day. They are available in a wide range of styles and flavours, giving people more than they need to choose from. And since they can be healthy too, they’re perfect for whatever lifestyle choices you may have. But how is Yoghurt made? What are its benefits?


What is Yoghurt?

Yoghurt is made by fermenting milk, which is just when microorganisms breakdown chemicals. For Yoghurt the bacteria are called Yoghurt Cultures which, when added to milk, starts the fermentation. This produces something called “lactic acid”, which acts on Milk Protein, giving the yoghurt its texture and flavour. This Lactic Acid also causes Yoghurt to last longer.

The type of milk relates to the thickness of the yoghurt. Whole Milk will result in Full Fat Yoghurt, which is the thickest. Low fat Yoghurt comes from Semi Skimmed Milk, and Non-Fat comes from skimmed milk.

Once the yoghurt culture is added, it’s mixed with the milk for some time, usually in a warm temperature. The higher the temperature, the quicker the yoghurt will form, though it may risk a lumpy texture.


Why is it Good for You?

Contains Calcium

It’s no surprise that Yoghurt contains lots of calcium, it is after all made from milk. Calcium helps your body build (and maintain) strong bones and teeth.



Yoghurt is satiating, which means it helps fill you up compared to how little of it you have. If you’re in desperate need of a quick snack, a Yoghurt can help keep that hunger at bay.


Healthy Fats

Fats aren’t always a bad thing. Fats in Yoghurts tend to be called “healthy fats” (or unsaturated fats), which simply means that it’s composed of mainly things that are good for you, lowering the risk of some diseases.


Little to no preparation

Yoghurts usually come ready to eat straight out the pot, so all you need to do is grab a spoon, open the pot, and chow down.

If you’d like to prepare a bigger bowl of yoghurt to make up a meal, such as breakfast, you might want to add some extra toppings like berries; these give additional flavour to yoghurt, not to mention making it that much healthier!

However, if you’re just looking for a quick snack, flavoured pots can provide as a good alternative, such as Little Town’s Mixed Flavoured Yoghurt pots.


Can it be Unhealthy?

For the most part, Yoghurt is a pretty healthy food; but as with everything there needs to be moderation. You should always aim to have a varied diet, where you’re reaching all the nutritional needs your body might have - may it be Macronutrients or Micronutrients.

The main instance where Yoghurt probably isn’t good for you though, is if you’re lactose intolerant. Yoghurts are primarily dairy, and so it probably won’t do any favours for your digestive system. There are however a wide range of dairy-free yoghurts, like Alpro’s Soya or Coconut Yoghurt Pots, all of which are available for next working-day delivery!

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